We have used World Cafes to bring together large groups of 60 up to over 100 people to have conversations that matter through answering questions that are of real importance to them. We have used the Cafe with local authorities, charities, community groups and a mix of all sectors to help them address a wide range of issues including:


   surfacing shared values

   evaluating impact

   finding out what communities really want

   creating enabling working cultures

   developing area wide sustainability strategies


We used the World Cafe with one local authority to work with large groups of their staff to help them think about the values that drive their work and how they could work differently to improve internal processes and efficiencies to have a direct impact on improved service delivery.


We ran several cafes on this theme, each well attended by people from a wide range of roles and grades. This enabled people to connect across the organisation, sharing practice and new ideas for service improvement, with opportunities to develop ideas further in subsequent working groups.



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