We have been working with a Community Development Trust, whose work is focussed around improving the quality of life for people in an inner city area through developing a range of activities to stimulate the area socially, economically and environmentally.


We have worked with the whole staff team, the Board, and senior managers to help them to focus their work to achieve maximum impact. This is a huge challenge in a needy area where there is a huge amount to do with very limited resources. We have been able to celebrate their significant achievements and value these, while at the same time taking a hard look at the current climate and how this might impact on the nature and span of their work.


We have worked across the whole organisation, in small groups, and with individual coaching, and through organisation wide learning histories to help people observe what is happening in their world, make sense of this, and act effectively.


Through creating a climate of ambition, optimism and trust, tempered with pragmatism, they are now in the process of reshaping their work and organisation to meet current and future ambitions for their communities.


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